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Subscription APP service for a easier monitoring of the proper functioning of electromedical devices in healthcare facilities.

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Access to the APP when and where you want

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The app is available on desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones of all operating systems (iOS, Android). However, you can connect directly to the machines by scanning their barcode with the camera, allowing you to identify them and view all the details.

Visualize all medical devices on your smartphone

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The app allows you to view all the devices in your healthcare facility because they are connected to the cloud. The cloud allows the machines to communicate, not only within each other, but also with other company software thanks to an integration system.

Forget about the mandatory checks, the APP will remind you

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Thanks to the connection of the machines with your phone's calendar, you can keep track of deadlines, schedule preventive maintenance, and conduct periodic electrical checks because you will be promptly alerted by personalized notifications.

Control accesses and keep data secured

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Through multifactorial biometric authentication, access to the app is secure and customizable based on the role and location. Thus, for each healthcare facility, staff must be authorized to access, ensuring the protection of sensitive data.

Report visible damages to the technical support with a photo

Ticket assistenza schermat app

With the camera of your smartphone or tablet, you can document visible anomalies and report them in real-time directly from the app to suppliers to receive prompt assistance.

Business Case


Manage and monitor the electromedical equipments of one or several healthcare facilities, in a simpler and digital way, without consulting paper lists or old software that doesn't communicate with the machines.

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Cloud Device

Keep track of the proper functioning of the electromedical equipments, traking their issues over time by simply connecting with a smartphone securely.

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