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The virtual assistant equipped with intelligence that will take your Business to the next level.

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AI+CHATBOT in numbers *


Reduction of reaction time


Reduction of operating costs


Increase of ROI

*Data from the study “How Can Generative AI Be Used to Improve Customer Service and Support?” (Gartner, 2023)

The virtual assistant for your company

  • Responds to an infinite number of requests simultaneously.

  • Interacts promptly 24/7.

  • Reads, interprets, and responds in multiple languages.

  • Automates processes, reducing human error, and optimizing time and costs.

  • Continuously updates thanks to its self-learning ability.

  • Is fully customizable and can be integrated with other systems (e.g. company CRM).

  • Collects user data and feedback.

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The turning point for your Business

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  • It's scalable and adapts to any type of company.

  • Carries out lead generation activities.

  • Allows for autonomous booking and management of appointments.

  • Redefines the investments dedicated to Customer Care's training and structure

  • Collects and analyzes data useful for making business decisions.

  • Helps gather feedback on the customer experience.

  • Personalizes interactions and increases user engagement.

Effective solution in every industries

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Customer support


Medical and veterinary


Public Administration

Car dealers

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Order food

Book restaurants

Get information on train/plane status

Remote hotel reception service in multiple languages

Sharing alerts and news

Additional Services
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Virtual consultancy


Tax assistance

centers (CAF)


Travel agencies

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Technical support

IT & Helpdesk

Digital user manuals

Assistance during

online games

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Educational support

Learning for students

Online training courses

Computer tools training

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