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How ChatGPT helps you with recycling and many other daily activities

Updated: 4 days ago

Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT can be useful tools, not only for being more efficient at work but also in everyday life activities, from managing household chores to optimizing leisure time.

fare la raccolta differenziata con l'AI

Rules for Proper Use of ChatGPT

For ChatGPT OpenAI, or other AI-based chatbots like Gemini Google or Claude Anthropic, to provide personalised and verifiable advice, ensuring that each suggestion is as close as possible to the user's needs, it is important to follow some rules:

  1. Personalization The more details you provide, the more personalized and useful the advice will be.

  2. Clarity For best results, try to be as specific as possible in your requests.

  3. Verification of Information It's always a good idea to fact-check.

AI Assistant

15 Tips to help you with your daily chores

Here are some examples and advice on how to make the most of ChatGPT for better managing everyday activities:

  1. Learning and Education Research and better understand complex concepts you're studying, or to assist you in finding information.

  2. Translations and Language Practice Practice new languages by having conversations, asking for translations, or practicing with example sentences.

  3. Personal Organization Create to-do lists, reminders for appointments, or help you plan activities.

  4. Personal Finance Better manage your budget, save money, or understand financial concepts better.

  5. Recycling Gather general information on how to separate waste, advice on how to properly dispose of specific items, based on your municipality or city's collection schedule. It's also possible to create a reminder or a personalized calendar to remember which materials are collected on which days and answer common questions about disposing of electronic waste.

  6. Cooking Find recipes, and instructions on how to make them, starting from available ingredients.

  7. Grocery Shopping Plan meals and then the shopping list, reducing waste and saving money.

  8. Technical Support Ask for technical support for problems with electronic devices or software.

  9. Organizing a Trip Explore destinations, read reviews, and find the best travel deals; but also create an itinerary and a personalized list of what to bring based on the destination, the duration of the trip, and the planned activities.

  10. Planning an Event or Party Brainstorm the theme, entertainment, and music playlist suitable for a party based on the budget and context, but also to help you create a guest list and formulate invitations.

  11. Entertainment Get recommendations on books, movies, or music based on current interests or mood.

  12. Choosing Gift Find gift ideas based on information about the recipient's preferences, interests, age, your relationship with them, budget, and the occasion.

  13. Outfit selection Select the suitable outfit based on location, weather and occasion and considering personal preferences and style.

  14. Shopping See a live comparison on prices or reliable websites to find the best deals on items you intend to purchase or help you find products that fit your budget, suggesting typical price ranges for certain types of products or brands known for their good value for money.

  15. Organizing Visits and Excursions Create a detailed program for activities like sightseeing or sports excursions based on information from the place of departure, arrival, and the duration of the experience.

Life is complex

Some AI Apps designed to simplify your life

  • GiftAdvisor Uses AI to recommend gifts based on age, gender, relationship, and interests of the recipient.

  • Hopper Uses AI to predict flight and hotel prices, allowing you to book at the right time to save money.

  • TripIt Organizes your travel plans into a single itinerary by simply forwarding booking confirmation emails to the app, which then uses AI to build a detailed travel schedule.

  • Yummly Provides personalized recipes based on your food preferences and dietary restrictions. The app can also generate shopping lists based on the recipes you choose.

  • Mealime Helps create personalized weekly meal plans and shopping lists, considering also your food preferences and dietary restrictions.

  • Chicisimo An outfit planner app that helps you decide what to wear based on your wardrobe, the weather, and the occasion, using AI to suggest combinations.

  • Cladwell Helps you digitally organize your closet and suggests daily outfits based on the weather, occasion, and your style preferences.


Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT open the door to a future where technology serves humanity, making our days easier and allowing us to focus on what truly matters. As research advances and new features are developed, we can expect the role of these technologies in our lives to become increasingly central and indispensable. The challenge will be to maintain a balance between effective use of these tools and preserving our human uniqueness, remembering that, ultimately, the goal of technology is to enrich, not replace, the human experience.


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