2020 was a difficult year. The arrival of the pandemic has brought great changes in the lives of each one of us. It has been a whole year of adapting and re-adapting ourselves to the new. A great opportunity to rethink and reorganize our work. In Italy it has been an opportunity to finally introduce and appreciate the potential of smart working. We have seen how working from home is not only possible, but it also brings a balance between the work-life balance and corporate welfare. A way of working that helps to reconcile work and life, while increasing productivity. We have gone from the idea of ​​the office workspace to the concept of an open workspace, which stimulates new ideas, creativity and therefore new businesses. Technology and digital transformation have a key role in this new way of working. Thanks to their integration within the different company roles, we can better manage what we do, without problems, wherever we are.

Google Workspace

Google Workspace, formerly G-Suite, is the solution that in Run2Cloud we have chosen to manage our work and to help you better manage your company. It is an innovative solution, which allows flexibility and collaboration. It integrates technological functions that combine all of Google's premium tools and features in one single set up: personalized and secure corporate email accounts, cloud storage, support, video meetings. Depending on the size of your company and what you need, it offers an unrivaled work experience for us. Reorganizing your business effectively is possible.