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By definition, corporate resources are scarce; this statement is even stronger if we think of the resources of start-ups or SMEs.

From my point of view, the most scarce resource, and consequently also the most precious, that companies have is time.

It may seem minor, but I believe that time is the resource to which other basic resources of a company are also connected to: skills, financial resources, human resources etc. I think that if within a company all the people are aware of the importance of time, as a resource, and know how to manage it well, this would have very positive impacts both on professional and private life of the people themselves.

This article is not meant to teach you how to manage time or what the best methods are.

However, I leave you some links of books that I found enlightening on the subject:

This article wants to tell how the introduction of automation in a start-up like Run2Cloud has profoundly changed the way people work, optimizing, saving and enhancing their time.


Every day we repeat the same actions: we create reports, we copy datas, we send emails. Whenever we perform these actions, we wonder if it is an automatable process.

While we carry out every single action, we think about how we can transform it thanks to the use of digital technologies.

Our goal is to build an increasingly structured ecosystem of digital applications that allows us to facilitate the automation of many processes in our work, saving precious time.


Expense report automation

At each purchase with the company CC, we upload the photo of the receipt via the mobile phone camera on a designated platform. The amount spent together with the description automatically feeds an expense report document (Google spreadsheet).

Each month the consultant receives the information to be included in the pay slip.

Smart contract + Smart Payment

Our contracts are all digitally signed. Upon signing, a paylink is automatically sent to the customer with payment instructions. The electronic invoice is generated simultaneously with the transaction. If the payment is not made immediately, automations are inserted that solicit the customer.

These are just two examples of processes we have automated and which have improved our work.

Get in touch to find out all the other automatic processes that have allowed us to save time!