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Digital Solutions created for people.

Our solutions have been created for people, starting from their needs.

Every day we listen to the needs of multiple companies, identify their common points,

and make them our own. This is how our digital solutions are born.

Discover the solution that fits your needs!
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Inventorify is an app that works with any oparating system (iOS or Android) and device. This allows you to be anywhere while always having control over your inventory.


Inventorify shines on smartphones or tablets, allowing you to scan barcodes using the camera and take photos of products to always keep your inventory updated.

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You musn’t remember to order a product anymore; Inventorify will notify you when a product is about to run out and will automatically send the order request to the supplier.


  • Real-time inventory management

  • Desktop and mobile application

  • Product expiration and stock shortage notifications

  • Integration with management solutions through API

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